Find here the press statements released by project partners and the list with media coverage where HRE has been talked about.


Press Releases

Full decarbonisation of heating and cooling is cost-effective with existing technologies, says EU research, 2018 [Available herehere and here]

Open-Access data-set provides figures and analyzes on heating and cooling needs in the EU, 2018 [Available here] (in German)

Major enhancements made to European energy planning tool, 2017 [Available here and here]

Supplier obligation can be a cost effective model for more renewable energies in the heat sector, 2017 [Available here]

New EU research tool makes energy planning for governments easier, 2017 [Available here and here (in Danish)]

European Heat atlas made in Flensburg presented to professionals, 2017 [Available here and here] (both in German)

District heating as model and export, 2016 [Available here] (in Danish)


HRE News in the Media

DR Nyheder – Danish National Broadcaster news, Danish district heating can solve Europe’s climate problems, 2018 [Article] (in Danish)

EASME News, Pooling resources to accelerate decarbonisation of heating and cooling needs, 2018 [Article]

HLH – Lüftung/Klima, Heizung/Sanitär Gebäudetechnik, Data set in cooling and heating analysis, 2018 [Article] (in German)

Solar Heat Europe, Heat Roadmap Europe: decarbonisation pathways for Europe, 2018 [Article]

Cooling EU, Space Cooling Technology in Europe Report now Online, 2018 [Article]

Alpine Space – GRETA, HRE project : A low-carbon heating and cooling strategy for Europe, 2018 [Article]

AER – Assembly of European Regions, Learn how to better Decarbonise your Energy Systems, 2018 [Article]

Expertsvar – The Swedish Research Council, Environment and billions are saved with recycled heat, 2018 [Article] (in Swedish)

Samspel – Research news from Högskolan i Halmstad, The heat detective that came in from the cold, 2018 [Article] (in Swedish)

Enviweb, EU: Pan-European Thermal Atlas with Energy Planning, 2018 [Article] (in Czech)

Eseficiencia, Heat Roadmap Europe Project, 2018 [Article] (in Spanish)

Foresight Climate & Energy, Europe heads for low carbon heating the danish way, 2018 [Article]

Hot Cool – International Magazine on District Heating and Cooling, Global focus on renewable energy and energy security in the heating and cooling sector, 2018 [Article]

Arc Aktuell, The cartography of Heat, 2018 [Article] (in German)

Eseficiencia, Improvements in the Pan-European Thermal Atlas to decarbonise the heating and cooling sector, 2017 [Article] (in Spanish)

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, Summer / Autumn 2017 edition [Article]

Euro Heat & Power Magazine, English Edition II/2017 [Article]

Euroactiv’s special report Heating and cooling, 21-30 June 2017 [Article]

Hot Cool – International Magazine on District Heating and Cooling, no.2 2017 [Article]

Fjernvarmen – Danish District Heating Magazine, Good opportunities for district heating, 2017 [Article(in Danish)

European Commission – Overview of support activities and projects of the European Union on energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Heating & Cooling Sector, 2016 [Article]

SETIS Magazine, European Commision, Novemeber 2016 [Article]

Hot Cool international Magazine on District Heating and Cooling, no.3 2016 [Article]

Nordisk Energy, no.4 2016 [Article]

Science for Environment Policy – European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service, 2015 [Article]

EurActiv, EU adviser flags district heating in efficiency review, 2014 [Article]

European Energy InnovationFocus on heat and bottom-up approach reveals considerable energy benefits for Europe, 2013 [Article]