A series of webinars about HRE project during spring and autumn 2018.

In 2018, the most important take-aways of the project will be presented in a series of 14 webinars. The project’s methods and results will be introduced and the value of the findings will be explained to the audience in 14 one-hour sessions, stretching from March to December with a summer break. The webinars are held every two weeks and are free and easily accessible as participants can attend via web browser.

Upcoming Webinars

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1. Roadmaps to decarbonise heating and cooling in Europe. What is Heat Roadmap Europe? (March 8)

Brian Vad Mathiesen, Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark, and Coordinator of Heat Roadmap Europe, introduces the project, explains its purpose and contribution and presents the achievements so far.

2.   Energy mapping: Matching potentials and demands for
heating and cooling.(March 22)

Bernd Möller, Professor at Europa-Universtät Flensburg, explains the importance of energy mapping in Europe and the contribution of Pan-European Thermal Atlas (Peta 4.2) along with the methodology behind it and how it is used. Susana Paardekooper, PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, hosts and sets the frame of Heat Roadmap Europe and Carsten Rothballer, ‎Climate Policy Officer at ICLEI, share his comments.


3.   The potential of large-scale heat pumps in heating systems and                      integrated energy systems. (April 5)

Brian Vad Mathiesen, Professor at Aalborg University and HRE Coordinator, and Andrei David, PhD Fellow at Aalborg Univeristy, talk about the role and the use of large-scale heat pumps in heating systems and integrated energy systems. Thomas Novak, Secretary General of European Heat Pump Association, takes part in the panel discussion.


4.  Energy savings and synergies within industry and the energy supply.(April 19)

Bas van Zuijlen, Researcher at Utrecht University, presents the methodology of calculating the cost for reducing heating and cooling demand in industry. Susana Paardekooper, PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, hosts and sets the frame of Heat Roadmap Europe. Atli Benonysson, Vice president, Application Center, Danfoss A/S, member of the HRE Advisory Board, participates in the panel discussion.


5.  HRE facilitating integrated energy dialogues in cities and regions.(May 3)

George Stiff, Officer at Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience team, ICLEI Europe, explores the beneficial role that Heat Roadmap Europe can play to facilitate strategic city and regional energy planning. David Drysdale, PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, as representative of the lighthouse demonstration project SmartEnCity, reflects on the potential of Heat Roadmap Europe project tools and results. Tudor Drambarean, Project Manager at Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania, provides insights on a city-level applicability of HRE.


6. Energy profiles: What is the heating and cooling demand used forin EU?(May 17)

Tobias Fleiter, Coordinator at Fraunhofer ISI, presents the data about heating and cooling profiles along with their use in the baseline scenarios for the current energy systems in Europe.
Joana Neves, Research Assistant, Aalborg University, hosts the session and set the frame of Heat Roadmap Europe project.
Alis-Daniela Torres, Officer for Built Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy, ICLEI Europe, contributes to the discussion with reflections about the use of the HRE energy profiles.


7. Energy savings potentials in buildings and the importance of low-temperature heat demands. (May 30)

Ulrich Reiter, TEP Energy, will present the methodology about calculating the costs for reducing heating and cooling demand in buildings. Rasmus Lund, Assistant Professor, Aalborg University, will host the session and Maarten De Groote, Head of Research at the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, will participate in the discussion.